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Lighthouse Security, LLC exists to identify today's high-level security risks and recommend solutions to our clients. Our team of subject matter experts (SME) is not only what makes us successful, but also what makes us stand out from the competition.


 Subject Matter Experts in:

  • Physical Security Assessments

  • Security Risk Assessments

  • Physical Security Applications and Integration

Lighthouse Security, LLC has a team of exceptional and results-driven SME who cherish working with our growing clientele. Our team is very adaptable and stays current with the fast-changing and increasingly complex security environment.

Training also provided:

All instructors are an SME in the field they instruct on and are proven, effective classroom instructors.  Lighthouse Security can customize a course that fits your needs.  

Course title:

* Physical Security (IDS, Video, Access Control, Locks, Lighting) Applications and Integration Principles


    To learn more about the founder of Lighthouse Security, LLC read below.

    Tim Alexander possesses a comprehensive background and expertise in physical and technical security regulations, security risk assessments, physical security assessments, physical security (IDS, Video, Access Control, Locks) applications and integration principles, equipment, policies, practices, and a demonstrated ability to manage security programs on the national level.

    • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Security Management

    • Certifications: Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Project Management Professional (PMP)

    • Clearance Level: Active Top-Secret

    • Previous employment: Secret Service, DHS, TSA, Johnson Controls  (JCI)






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